We have stopped production of Mitertite™.
We are now producing Edge-Pocket

Mitertite™ is a patented system for cutting and fastening mitered casing joints, to produce fast, tight, long lasting joints.

While they last, you can still order Mitertite™ online or via phone at (888) 838 8988 (USA), (614) 873 6219 (Canada).


On the Assembly Plate a single pocket screw is driven through the edge of mitered casings perpendicular to the joint and close to the outside corner.

Fine miter adjustments are made with the Micro Fence, here installed on a 10” saw ready to dial in. When the handle is locked in at 45° the saw is actually cutting 44.9°. With this angle, the legs of a pre-assembled unit are splayed out. As the assembly is being installed the legs are sprung parallel to the jambs compressing the joints. When the wood dries out or takes on moisture the joints will not open.

The 3/8” pilot drill has a hex shank for easy insert of the bushings. A standard hex holder and driver are included with enough screws for two average size houses.

The stretch clamps keep pressure at the inside corner as the unit is being moved to its opening. Three clamps are included to do picture frame windows.

The plug cutter has a guide bushing to allow cutting diagonally for perfect grain alignment. The plug insert tool makes it easy to insert angled plugs.

The owner's manual has clearly illustrated instructions. The carrying case has compartments for all component parts.

We have stopped production of Mitertite™.
We are now producing Edge-Pocket

Edge-Pocket™ is a more compact, versatile and user-friendly system for fastening mitered casing joints and any sort of multi-angled framework.

Click the link to see more information about Edge-Pocket™.

You can ordere Mitertite™ only while they last.
Order online or via phone at (888) 838 8988 (USA), (614) 873 6219 (Canada).

Mitertite™ closeout price - $170.00.
(includes all components)

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